Safaris can be a lot of fun when everything goes according to plan. But if there's one thing that we know about wild animals, it's that at times, they can be hilariously unpredictable. That is why we've compiled this video list of our favorite safaris gone wrong. (Note: Some videos feature NSFW language and racy animal antics.)

  • 1

    Llama Spits Up All Over Tourists [NSFW]

    While attempting to feed a llama at a drive-through safari in Virginia, the ungrateful animal shows its appreciation by doing a spit take all over the inside of the car. Maybe next time these tourists will spring for some name-brand Llama chow.

  • 2

    Hungry Zebra Thinks Girl Is A Snack

    This video is a clear example of why there are signs at parks that warn about feeding the animals. While sharing some chips with this hungry zebra, Meagan makes the mistake of turning her back for a second and ends up becoming the animals main course. She's just lucky that she learned her lesson before getting to the lion exhibit.

  • 3

    Monkeys Swarm Car

    Okay, so the people in this video actually staged this one to see how the monkeys would react to their parked car. Turns out, monkeys love going through luggage. Who knew?

  • 4

    Ostrich Vs. iPhone

    We don't know if this ostrich doesn't like being videotaped or simply hates Apple products. Either way, he's mad about something. Just when this family thinks that they are about to get a little face time with an ostrich, the real-life angry bird snaps at the camera with its menacing beak.

  • 5

    Monkeys Getting Busy On Hood Of A Car [NSFW]

    Monkeys aren't always poo-slinging, food-stealing little hell-raisers. Sometimes they just want to make sweet monkey love on the hood of your car. During this drive-through safari excursion the tourists got WAY more than they bargained for and managed to film the funniest safari video ever!

  • 6

    Baboon Commandeers a Tourist's Vehicle

    Sometimes when you're at a drive-through safari, rolling up your windows just isn't enough to protect yourself and your belongings. Baboons definitely seem to cause the most trouble at these safari parks and this unruly primate helps perpetuate that stereotype. The baboon in this video opens a car door, kicks all of the passengers out and then ravages all of their belongings. Not cool!

  • 7

    Elephant Headbutts A Car

    While filming a couple of elephants in India, the situation escalates when the massive beasts charge the car. The bigger elephant headbutts the car, and does some serious damage to the drivers side. Imagine having to explain this to your insurance provider!

  • 8

    Rhino Chases Jeep

    While shooting a nature documentary this reporter gets a little too close to a mother rhino's calf, causing her to chase after their jeep. Luckily, the crew managed to escape before the rhino was able to attack the vehicle, but if they were driving any slower things could have gone a lot worse.

  • 9

    Hungry African Dogs Try To Eat A Jeep

    Many drive-through safaris will offer to let you rent a vehicle rather than making you use your own for a wild adventure. The driver of this vehicle is probably wishing they'd taken them up on that offer. When a pack of wild dogs approached this jeep, no one expected them to start tearing it apart, but that is exactly what happened. Luckily someone was around to videotape the event. (NSFW due to language).

  • 10

    Zebra Shows His Teeth

    The prequel to our previous zebra video. You mess with the zebra, you get the teeth.