At a time when "shocking amateur footage"-inspired movies like 'Paranormal Activity' are all the norm, here's a video from Russia that has been raising suspicions about its authenticity. A new report (in Russian) shows footage recorded by an individual in a forest with his dog, who all of a sudden stumbles upon a young girl in the distance floating above ground.

She levitates above her mother, who runs away with her "supernatural" child when they are alerted by the man's presence.

Watch the video and tell us if you believe it's real or not.

We're calling it fake. Mostly because of the way it's edited. First, there's a cut as the dog runs towards the child, as well as another cut that shows the girl back on the ground. Also, the uploader has disabled comments on the video. Probably because several viewers called them out for the obvious fakery.

So is this viral promotion for an upcoming movie? Or just a cool stunt?