Ron Swanson of 'Parks and Recreation' is arguably one of the coolest characters on TV, and there's no way you could convince us otherwise. The meat-loving manly man has such an impressive ‘stache, it’s reason enough to call this guy awesome!

His distinctly burly facial hair does remind us of something, though. Hulk Hogan? No, not enough handlebar-ness. The ironic mustaches we saw at the Hipster Olympics? Not alternative enough. A cat? Wait, that’s it!

We’re a little bummed someone else already discovered this Swanson doppelganger, but luckily for us, they’ve made it hysterical. The ‘Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson’ Tumblr features cats that bear a striking resemblance to Mr. Swanson. Or is it that Ron looks like a cat? Either way, these snapshots are strangely hilarious. Check out our favorite Swanson kitties below!