There is much you will hear about Paul Ryan over the next few days. The newly chosen nominee for Vice President will have every move he's ever made analyzed carefully. Most people won't care, let's be honest.

We, on the other hand, want to talk about how he used to drive a giant hot dog because we know that's something people will actually care about. There's nothing like a dignified politician respected by his party behind the wheel of a huge sausage.

The Weinermobiles have a long and storied history: they've been on the road since 1936. The current eight Weinermobiles tour to sell hot dogs and to promote Oscar Meyer products.

And yes, Paul Ryan drove one. Of course, this has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on his possible qualifications to be Vice President unless he happens to have one in his garage. Then... well... honestly we don't know, but we'd imagine people would have far stronger opinions about the Weinermobile than Ryan.

Also the word "weinermobile" is funny to say. Heh, weinermobile.