While wheelchairs have been around for over a century, the most advanced versions only come motorized. The fundamentals of a wheelchair's design has remained the same. But now a Turkish R & D company believes they have created what could be considered the future for mobility devices.

Dubbed the Tek Robotic Mobility Device (RMD for short), the device comes with a remote control which allows the user to bring the wheelchair to him from anywhere in the room. More importantly, it's designed to overcome one of the biggest flaws in a wheelchair's design.

With a conventional wheelchair, a user can only mount the seat front-faced. First he has to lift himself holding on to the wheelchair's handles, and then twist his body to be able to sit on the seat. This can be hard for overweight people and the elderly. The Tek RMD, on the other hand, is designed in such a way that a paraplegic can mount the mobility device from the back. Check out the demo video showing just how this device could offer the handicapped a much more practical solution to the wheelchair.

People facing spinal cord injuries should find the Tek RMD the answer to help them stand up easily on a daily basis and go about their activities without the assistance of somebody else. It's heartwarming to know how innovative technology can ease a paraplegic's life. But as with all new technology, and especially robotics), we hope the cost of the Tek RMD will be easy on a paraplegic's wallet as well.

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