Ever missed a moment when preparing to snap a photo and wished you could just go "back in time" to capture it? Onstage at the recent 2012 BlackBerry World keynote address, executives at Research In Motion, the makers of the popular device, unveiled their new camera app for BlackBerry10 that lets you do exactly that.

The latest version of the smartphone OS comes with a nifty new camera feature that allows you to cycle back through the camera's cache with a circular "timeline" lens and pick from the previous recorded frames. Check out the demo video from the presentation below. We think you'll agree it's really impressive.

Skeptics (AKA Apple fanboys) claim that the camera is merely recording video as soon as the camera app loads, and the 'rewind' feature is just frames from the recorded footage. None the less, to the average consumer, this is an enticing feature. The ability to capture those missed moments by not hitting that shutter quick enough or just waiting for our camera to load is something we have all experienced.

Will you use the BlackBerry 10? What do you think of this new feature?

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