It looks like Geoff Pedersen, Craig Ferguson's skeletal, robotic sidekick, has recently gotten an upgrade. In the past, Geoff worked only sporadically and even had difficulty repeating pre-recorded phrases. But now, the late-night robot has become a wisecracking automaton who drops jokes on the fly.

On Wednesday night's episode of 'The Late Late Show,' Geoff did a spot-on impression of guest Regis Philbin that the daytime host didn't find amusing. "I thought he was having like an epileptic fit over here," Philbin said. "I don't talk like that at all! You've got to get rid of him!"

"I can't get rid of him! He's contractually-obliged to be here. He's my co-host," explained Ferguson. 'You've got Kelly [Ripa], I've got a robot."

[via AOL TV]


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