Ah, truly a masterpiece in awfulness. Give yourself a minute to absorb every ridiculous and hilarious part of this VHS cover. We'll wait.

First, let's start with RoboCop. No, he isn't in the film but he sure is on the cover. Apparently the filmmakers didn't even bother putting their own knockoff (the one that's actually in the movie) on the box and went for a more well known cyborg instead.

This is an odd movie, obviously, due to the fact it's actually two different films spliced together, courtesy of the B-movie king of Hong Kong, Godfrey Ho. Added to that, it's not about a robotic vampire (which would have ruled) but a film about a robot fighting "jiangshi," the hopping vampires of Chinese folklore. Call it whatever you want -- with this VHS cover, you've got pure comedy gold.