Pepsi's 2013 Super Bowl Commercial presents a scenario that should send shivers down the spine of any parent with teenagers.

In the spot, mom and dad return home to find that their house is hosting a full-fledged rave. There's dancing, glow sticks, a unicorn DJ and some guy is taped to the ceiling. "Brandon," mom screams as she makes her way through the carnage.

There is no escaping his parents' wrath. So Brandon reaches into the cooler and pulls out a can of ice cold Pepsi Next and presents it to his dad.

Apparently Pepsi Next is the hardest thing they've been drinking at the party, and Brandon nervously explains to his father that it has full cola taste with 60 percent less sugar.

Dad is skeptical, and he looks like he just may go on a murderous rampage. But once the drink settles into his palate he changes his tune. "This has real cola taste," he declares, impressed and satisfied.

Apparently parents hate full-calorie soda even more they they hate having their ceilings repainted.

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