You gotta be in shape if you're gonna be on the run.

Check out this surveillance video of a robber stretching before he holds up a Dunkin' Donuts in Philadelphia this past weekend.

Guess you could say he was concerned with stretching his muscles...and his wallet.

The crime occurred shortly before 7 a.m. and the bandit got away with more than $330 before he took off (we're assuming those calves were in tip top shape, enabling him to avoid pulling a hammy and slowing him down while avoiding those pesky men in blue who are still looking for him).

No one was injured in the holdup.

It's nice to know someone who frequents a Dunkin' Donuts also has the presence of mind to try and  maintain his figure. It's not hard to pack on the pounds when you're wolfing down Bavarian creams, you know.

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