Generally speaking, we think of moths as the unsettling, night-flying creepster cousin of the butterfly. But *look* at this Emperor Gum Moth! It is at least as cute as a candid shot of a dog. At least. So we scrounged up some more pictures of moths cute enough that we probably wouldn't scream if they made their way into our apartment and started flying into the overhead light.

  • 1

    Io Moth


    At night, the female extends a scent gland from her abdomen to attract male butterflies with pheromones. Hubba hubba.

  • 2

    Beautiful Wood Nymph


    This one is supposed to look like bird poop. It's a disgusting (ly cute) camouflage technique.

  • 3

    Polyphemus Moth


    The polyphemus moth, like many moths, doesn't eat after it emerges from its cocoon. Incidentally, they also don't live too long.

  • 4

    Venezuelan Poodle Moth


    The Venezuelan poodle moth was only discovered in 2009.

  • 5

    Hummingbird Hawk-Moth


    The hummingbird hawk-moth (or hummingmoth), actually makes an audible humming sound, in addition to looking like a hummingbird.

  • 6

    Lygodium Spider Moth


    This moth lives in Thailand and looks like a spider to scare the business out of predators/us.

  • 7

    Glasswing Moth


    Not only does the glasswing moth have a cool name, it is among some of the fastest flying insects in the world.

  • 8

    Elephant Hawk-Moth


    This moth shimmers when it moves. AAAH GLITTER MOTH!

  • 9

    Pandora Sphinx Moth


    We like this one because it looks like a tiny bat. Or an armadillo.

  • 10

    Robin Moth


    This is North America's largest native moth. And it's cuuuuuute! USA! USA!

  • 11

    Rosy Maple Moth


    These guys love maple trees. No, seriously, it's kind of a problem.

  • 12

    Comet Moth


    This big guy's cocoon has a hole in it, so it doesn't drown in the downpours of the rain forest in Madagascar.

  • 13

    Garden Tiger Moth


    This one's body fluids are poisonous. D'awwww. But seriously, it's sparkly, guys.

  • 14

    Giant Leopard Moth


    Much like the leopard print suggests, this moth can occasionally be found in New Jersey.

  • 15

    Dark Marathyssa


    Okay, so this is pretty disturbing, but when the Dark Marathyssa opens its wings, it totally goes back to being an ordinary moth. No need to panic, folks.

  • 16

    Lobster Moth (caterpillar)


    Holy what? This must make the most amazing moth ever!

  • 17

    Actual Lobster Moth


    Nope. Nothing to see here, move along.


    Because you can't look at a bunch of moths without a GIF of a caterpillar eating popcorn.