For those outside the state of California, Huell Howser, who passed away late Sunday night, might be something of a mystery. There's a chance you saw him on 'Tracy Takes On ... Hollywood,' or heard his voice on an episode of 'The Simpsons.' Southern Californians, however, are surely familiar with his self-produced travelogues of the state, which aired on KCET in Los Angeles, in all their incarnations -- 'California's Gold,' 'Visiting ... with Huell Howser' and 'California's Water,' to name a few.

One thing can be said for certain of Howser -- he was found wonder in just about everything. Everything. From flag poles to doughnut shops, they were all amazing. He took to the state of California with an adventurer's mind and produced specials that could make people interested in visiting a bra shop or going to a mule show. Here are a few (just a very few) videos to remember him by.

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