As every parent knows, it's tough to get little kids to behave in a restaurant. Being in a new environment will excite the youngsters and many of their typically inoffensive meal time antics, such as loud talking, hyperactivity and the occasional food play, become amplified into something less adorable and more annoying when strangers are watching.

But a Seattle area family was able to get their three children -- 2, 3, and 8 in age -- to act like perfect little angels during their meal at Sogno di Vino in Poulsbo, WA. In fact, the kids were so well-behaved, their server complimented mom and dad by telling them nobody even noticed they had children eating with them.

But that wasn't all. When the family got their check it came with a $4 discount for "well behaved kids."

A picture of the receipt has since became a big hit on Reddit.

The feel good story is in sharp contrast to the controversy that erupted last week when a pastor wouldn't tip her server more than the 10 percent she would give to God.  Applebees later fired the waitress for making the receipt public.

According to the server at Sogno di Vinco, a discount for well-behaved children isn't restaurant policy, rather it was just her way to bestow a random act of kindness on folks she thought deserved it.

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