You've seen 'Dancing with the Stars,' 'Celebrity Apprentice,' 'Skating with Celebrities,' and that show where celebrities pick dates solely based on their voices. But this fall TV season, you're like, "We want more shows featuring people who have been on TV doing things they're not known for doing!"

Well you're in luck! We've come up with some reality shows that we wish were on the fall TV schedule. Hey, they can't be any worse than 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.'

'Celebrity Horse Care'

Celebrity Horse Care

Each week, some of the biggest stars in the world battle it out in the training, care and beautification of their very own showpony! Come watch celebs like Jessica Simpson, Dave Coulier, the guy who hosts 'Chopped,' and more horse around on a ranch, bond with these majestic animals and compete for a cash prize that won't go to charity!

'Swimming with Recurring Mad Men Actors'

Mad Men

You've seen them in 1960s work gear, but now you'll see them in a different kind of suit -- a swimming suit! Joan's Mom, several of Don's secretaries, Ken Cosgrove's wife -- you'll see them all competing for prizes in laps, synchronized swimming and even diving!

'Actors in Reactors'

Nuclear Reactor Gary Busey

Actors have incredibly important jobs… at least they will soon, when we take some of your favorite heartthrobs and put them in charge of two different undisclosed nuclear reactors! Watch them learn to maintain an incredibly complex system of machinery, and cheer them on as they avoid meltdowns both personally and professionally!

'Staring at the Stars'

Staring at the Stars

In this one-of-a-kind show, you get a personal experience with some of the hottest celebrities as they enter into a staring contest with you… and the rest of the country! Susan Sarandon, John Hurt, Terry O'Quinn and more stare you down, and it's your job to stare back at them! Don't blink first -- you're on the honor system!

'I'll Prove I'm Not Gay!'

Anderson Cooper Gay

A lot of gossip blogs like to "out" celebrities as being secretly gay, and some of these stars are here to set the record straight. They don't have any problem with gay people, but they just aren't, and they want you to know it. Watch as actors suspected of being gay for years romance women in an attempt to show the world their heterosexual virility.

'Celebrity Book Club'

Celeb Book Club

Stars read books just like us, so we decided to get some of them together to talk about those books! Read the books yourself so you can participate from home by tweeting your thoughts during this live show. The premiere episode features Jesse Metcalfe, Jack McBrayer, Demi Lovato and Baby Spice reading 'The Life of Pi'!

'Law & Order: Hot Dog Vendors and Bartenders Unit'

Law and Order

'Law & Order' and its many spinoffs have seen more guest actors than any other show, so why not celebrate these hardworking thugs, helpful witnesses, hidden murderers, bartenders and hot dog vendors? This show invites any actor who's appeared on 'L&O' to come and participate in looking through old cold case files in order to bring justice to unsolved murders. Hey, it could work! (Thanks to Kevin Wilkes for the show title!)

'Hollywood Walmart Greeters'


We're taking the celebrities out of their cushy comfort zones and giving them jobs… at Walmart! What will happen when Maggie Gyllenhaal, Cynthia Nixon, Aaron Paul and more switch to an entirely new job that's based on performance? How with the shoppers react? Will anyone be able to point them to the detergent?

'Is There a Doctor in the House?'

Cosby Show

Doogie Howser. House. McDreamy. Dr Huxtable. There is a rich history of amazing doctors on television, and in this show, we put those actors to the test. After years of playing doctors on TV, how well will Bill Cosby, Patrick Dempsey, Hugh Laurie and Neil Patrick Harris be able to handle treating actual patients? Bonus -- all the medical care on the show will be free of charge to the uninsured patients desperate enough to let an actor treat their ailments.

Photo illustrations by Bonnie Biess

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