Getting away from mall security has never been so entertaining.

A rat at a mall in the Philippines tried to elude a mall cop by scurrying up the down escalator. It's the kind of effort that would drive Paul Blart mad.

We give our little rodent friend an "A" for effort because it certainly gives it the ol' college try.

And while everyone seems to be amused by the rat, we can't help but notice that everyone seems to be amused by the rat. We wouldn't exactly be calm if we spotted a critter like this in a mall. And we sure as heck would think twice before we placed an order at Wetzel's Pretzels or mulled over what to get for lunch at Panda Express.

Malls are already taking a hard enough hit from all the online outlets without a rodent infestation driving people further away than they already are, so for the love of all things on sale at Brookstone, please make sure to run back to your car if you ever see a rat hanging out there.