When you think of steeplechase events, you probably think of horses. But a new trend may make you think again.

Swiss organizers just held the first-ever European Kanin Hop Championships, in which 50 rabbits competed on a course with several small jumps and vied to be the first to cross the finish line as hundreds of spectators looked on.

The bunny-jumping trend began in Switzerland in 1995, and clubs have since formed in other European countries as well as in the US, Canada and Japan.

In case you're wondering, the current rabbit-jumping record holders are both Danes -- a furry critter that goes by Yabo holds the Long Jump record with a leap of 10 feet, while a bunny named Tosen completed a High Jump of 3.3 feet in 1997.

Take a look at a news piece about hopping competitions and a clip from the 2010 Danish Championships below.

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