Over a billion dollars in worldwide box office suggests folks can't get enough of 'The Avengers.' And we don't need any sort of metric to tell us that people love videos of dogs with human hands. So when you combine the two, you have a must-see viral video.

Singaporean undergrad Tay Guo En made the video for $1,000 as part of a social media campaign for the website Asia Food Recipe.

"Honestly, my only objective was to create something quirky to make people laugh and smile," En explained. "I came across a video titled 'Bizzle gets some Dunkers' on YouTube and came up with the idea of creating my own human dog in superhero costumes that was in line with the launch of the movie 'The Avengers.' This required a lot of work, but was relatively inexpensive to put together. Plus, it was a lot of fun!"

Ah, "Bizzle Gets Some Dunkers." That's the dog with hands video we were thinking about. Check out Bizzle, the amazing dog man and viral video pioneer, below.