A 53-year-old Ohio man has been charged with counts of animal cruelty and abandoning animals after he allegedly left six four-week-old puppies in a zipped suitcase. Fortunately, the puppies and their mother -- who was waiting nearby -- were discovered shortly after being abandoned and all survived the terrible ordeal. Yay!

Police say Howard Davis abandoned the bulldog-mix puppies near a trash bin in Toledo. Authorities were tipped off by the fact that Davis' name was written on the suitcase's luggage tag. (Duh!)

Davis, however, contends that he had no involvement in abandoning the dogs. He says he sold the animals to someone in Michigan and that his suitcase had been stolen. (Riiiiiiight.)

The puppies and their mother have been placed in a foster home and are reportedly doing well. Once the pups are fixed and the legal case works its way through court, all six will be put up for adoption. Any takers? To see the pups, go here. The dogs in the photo above have never been in a suitcase. (Though we imagine they've chewed on a few.)

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