In this funny clip, talk show host Jay Miller, comedian Casey Jost and scores of people in Times Square star in an impromptu video for the song 'Otis' by hip-hop artists Kanye West and Jay-Z. Oh, and did we mention that all the bystanders are unwitting participants?

Miller and Jost lip-sync to the song as they roam New York and film throngs of people going about their everyday business. Most are completely unaware that they're being filmed for a music video and regard the duo with a combination of amusement and annoyance. Others are completely (and hysterically) indifferent to the shenanigans going on around them.

All in all, it's a great concept and a truly funny video. What really sells it is Miller and Jost's complete lack of self-regard as they make utter fools of themselves around complete strangers. On the streets of New York, we'd expect nothing less.