This is the kind of reaction you want when you give a gift.

Emma, a 10-year-old girl from Cypress, Tex., with a prosthetic leg, went off the rails with joy when her parents gave her a doll that also happened to have a prosthetic leg.

Emma quickly realizes that the doll has a prosthetic leg and she begins weeping and hugging it. While sobbing, she gleefully declares, ""It's got a leg like me" and "I love you."

Emma's mother, Courtney Fletcher Bennett, then tells her daughter how the doll came from a company called A Step Ahead Prosthetics, which creates dolls with prosthetic limbs.

And bonus points to Emma's sister, who is also pretty darned excited for her sister. It's just heartwarming to see one family so happy together.

Emma's mother posted a video of the moment her little girl got the present. It's racking up views like nobody's business. Prepare to be moved: