Now here's some fun holiday news. President Barack Obama shops at Best Buy and PetSmart... just like us!

And what, pray tell, was our nation's leader shopping for? Why, Christmas gifts for the family, of course.

Along his route, Obama picked up 'Just Dance 3' for Nintendo Wii, a 'Sims' game and iTunes gift cards -- presumably for Malia and Sasha. Sorry girls, the surprise is kind of ruined.

And the "Santa in Chief" didn't forget about his furry pal Bo. He even brought him along to help pick out the right bone and dog treats (in case you're wondering, they were RedBarn's Chew-A-Bulls and PetHoliday's knotted rawhide bone).

After a long day of shopping, Obama purchased a ton of pizza from Del Ray Pizzaria... again, just like us!

Get into the holiday mood with some photos of Obama shopping below.