Twitter users are fairly predicable. If they're not going on about what happened on 'Mad Men,' it's something they ate. But an amazing new service called That Can Be My Next Tweet from can actually guess what your next tweet will be based solely on previous Tweets.

How can that be, you are probably wondering? The site seems to pull keywords from your past Tweets as well as your Twitter profile. We were able to test the service and found it to be surprisingly accurate. First we entered in @JoseCanseco, because the former slugger's wacky tweets have been in the news lately. This is what the generator spit out.

That makes no sense! Just like all of Jose's tweets.

What about if we try Lady Gaga, who has the most followers on the microblogging site with just under 23 million?

Pure gibberish. But under 140 characters! (Could this be how Gaga gets her song lyrics?)

All in all, That Can Be My Next Tweet will probably predict the next Tweet you will post. So check it out to gain insight into your internet future.