Twitter is the greatest thing to happen to Jose Canseco since steroids. The former Bash Brother has over 440,000 followers on the micro blogging site and is known for his off-beat quasi-coherent Tweeting style.

His most recent newsworthy barrage of Tweets relate to the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Canseco started off the fun by declaring global warming would've saved the doomed ocean liner by melting the iceberg that caused the crash, and then got touchy when folks questioned his theory.

When he was done offending the Al Gores of the world, he went on to his favorite subject -- himself. Apparently the Titanic reminded him of all the yachts he used to own in Miami. And a unbreakable bat that he named after the ship.

You can see all the tweets that have everybody buzzing below. Many are saying Canseco has really gone off the deep end with his Titanic cyber-rant. But we suspect the publicity-loving slugger knows exactly what he's doing.