The "trust fall" has long been a staple of workplace team building events. What usually happens is one person stands in the middle of a circle and falls backward with his hands folded on his chest, relying on the "trust" of his coworkers to prevent him from hitting the ground.

Then there is the "surprise trust fall," which was pioneered by comedian Daniel Tosh. For that you just approach a random person, yell "trust fall" and then tumble toward the unsuspecting stranger. In the video below, improv comic Blake Grigsby displays his trust fall technique.

As you can see the video is titled "Trust Fall Attack" and indeed there is a thin line between a "surprise trust fall" and an assault.

In the clip, the guys tend to catch Grigsby whereas the girls tend to let him hit the pavement. However we can't blame the ladies for breaking the circle of trust. They've long been conditioned that avoidance is the best policy for dealing with any random fellow who is trying to lean against them.