If you're looking to publicly humiliate yourself while also getting some cardio, you need to see this video. Prancercise is the exercise for you.

Inspired by a horse's gait, you basically just strap on ankle weights and gallop around while flailing your arms around. Unless your doing the "prancer box," in which case you strap ankle weights to your wrists and walk around *punching the air.*

Prancercise was invented by Joanna Rohrback, a woman who enjoys being wacky and also wearing pants that leave little to the imagination. She invented it in 1989 in Venice Beach, which frankly makes a lot of sense, but only just now got around to putting it on YouTube. Perhaps that is a sign. A sign that you should stop walking places and start doing the Prancercise trot everywhere you go.

If you feel particularly inspired, she literally wrote the book on Prancercise, and you can buy it on Amazon...


...or at least read the reviews, which are predictably hilarious. Now who has the over-under on how soon before Kristen Wiig shows up on 'SNL' to parody Rohrback's exercise craze?