After the original Pizza Rat took the internet by storm, you probably figured that was the end of that. You figured wrong.

It's Pizza Rat -- part two!

Not since the debate over whether Chicago or New York has the best slice has such a passionate pizza battle erupted.

This time around, two rats fight over a slice while on the tracks of a New York City subway line. You can see the first rat is cruising along the tracks with his slice going along his merry way when the second rat (a bully rat) simply swipes the food and runs away.

The first rat is not one to sit idly by, though, so he runs and takes his slice back after a little tug of war. Rat number two makes a play a few seconds later to get it back, but the first one is all like, "No way, buddy," sending the two scurrying their separate ways.

We're now anxiously awaiting the next Pizza Rat video to complete the trilogy. Because you know it's coming.

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