We’re starting to think Pizza Hut has gone off a crazy cliff recently, what with their introduction of the Cheeseburger Crown Pizza and Cone Crust Pizza. It’s like Mr. Pizza Hut (he exists, right?) is trying to make some fantasy food magic happen, but it doesn’t quite seem to work. So when the popular food chain unveiled its latest creation, ‘Kit Kat Pops’, we shouldn’t have been surprised, right? Wrong. This sugary, chocolaty, strangely-looks-a-little-delicious thing came out of left field, once again.

Ok, we’ll quit being so harsh on these guys. The candy calorie bomb does look slightly more appetizing than the previous monster creations, but only slightly. Basically, it’s a Kit Kat bar wrapped in pizza dough, and then even more sugar is dumped on its outer doughy layers.

We have no idea what Pizza Hut will crank out next. Could it be a deep-fried pizza covered in a massive chocolate shell? A meat-lovers pie that features rotating hot dogs on toothpicks? Come on, they’re bound to get into the gadget-meets-food industry sometime soon.