Have you ever (and we can't imagine why you would) had a hankering for both pizza and cheeseburgers at the same time? If so, then Pizza Hut's new cheeseburger Crown Crust Pizza, which comes studded with 12 mini cheeseburgers and topped with ground beef, veggies and special sauce, may be right up your alley.

If that isn't nutty enough for you, there's also a chicken fillet variety of the Crown Crust and one with meatballs and -- gulp! -- gigantic dollops of cream cheese meant to be spread on each slice.

If regular old pizza just isn't doing it for you, then consider noshing on one of these. Unfortunately, you'll need to move overseas since Pizza Hut Middle East is the only company daring (or crazy) enough to offer such unholy hybrids.

What do you think of the Crown Crust? Disgustingly awesome or awesomely disgusting? And which strange toppings would you like to see?