Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

Vinnie's pizza in Brooklyn is now offering a pizza that is served in a box -- hold onto your pepperoni -- made of pizza. Not since the advent of stuffed crust has there been a development this important and lauded.

it's genius, right? We can only hope it will open the flood gates -- a burrito wrapped in a burrito, a cheeseburger inside a cheeseburger, an ice cream sundae covered in an ice cream sundae. An obese nation of Cheetos-filled Cheetos-longing lards awaits.

As for where the inspiration came from? “I get ticked off when people ask for a box when they’re eating here,” Vinnie's co-owner Sean Berthiaume explained. “There’s no point, it fills the the trash can. So I thought, what if you could just eat the box?”

The pizza takes about an hour to make and costs $40.

Vinnie's announced the new item last month and it quickly took off on social media, a sort of word of mouth full of food.

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