Looks like baby girls may have to find another signature color -- pink might not actually even exist.

Robert Krulwich, host of the public radio show 'Radiolab,' recently said in a blog post that pink is a combination of red and violet. But since those two colors are on the opposite sides of a rainbow, nature doesn't allow them to combine. This in turn leads to a conclusion by Krulwich that “pink is a made-up color.”

He provides a helpful video (below) to expound upon his point, and then concludes:

So when we look at puffy clouds at sunset, at a carnation, this color we talk about when we say pink slip, pink collar, pretty in pink, tickled pink, in the pink, Pinky Lee, Pink Panther, Pink Floyd — this color doesn't exist, except in our brains.

But not everyone is convinced. Michael Moyer, who blogs for Scientific American, maintains research indicates all color is a figment (or in this case, pigment) of our imaginations. “Pink is real — or it is not," he says, "but it is just as real or not-real as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.” But the other Pink? She's real.