Mother Nature will no longer preclude you from texting.

A Korean company called kt design has revolutionized the mobile world in which we live with the phone-brella.

What is the phone-brella? So glad you asked. It's an umbrella with a looped handle at the end so you can hold the umbrella and your phone, enabling you to text, use the internet or anything else required with a handheld device that you simply must do while avoiding rain.

The phone-brella, which comes in five colors, is just a limited edition gift, so don't go expecting to see it as you run around town.

While it seems like an invention tailor-made for our world today, we can't help but wonder all the trouble it may cause. It's already tough enough walking down the street avoiding people so glued to their phones they don't pay any attention to anyone else. Imagine what it will be like when those same people are letting umbrellas wave in every direction, totally oblivious to the fact the rest of the world is trying to get by them -- in the rain, no less.

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