Zeke, a four year old pigtail macaque belonging to Jeff Jacques, escaped from his cage Sunday and began exploring his Sanford, Florida neighborhood. And while this might sound like the plot of lighthearted comedy perhaps starring Matt LeBlanc, this monkey's day out was anything but funny.

Instead of lighthearted hijinks, Zeke attacked two Sanford residents teeth first and sent many others scurrying away in fear. He also put one family's television future in jeopardy by climbing on their roof and gnawing on their satellite dish. To top it off, Zeke went full-on 'Planet of the Apes' and started jumping up and down on a police car.

In response to the rampage, police and animal control officials swooped in and tried to tempt the rogue ape with a banana. However Zeke didn't fall for that old trick and instead fled to a wooded area.

Jacques was out of town and didn't even realize his pet had escaped his cage until he got word of the havoc on Facebook. He rushed back home and was able to coax Zeke into his pickup truck with the sound of his voice.

Jacques, who calls Zeke his best friend, concedes that he will probably have to give him up, as this is the second time in the last two months Zeke has escaped both his chain and his cage.

“Just for the safety of the neighbors he will probably have to go to a refuge.” Jacques explained. “He’s just too big, too strong and he’s going to get stronger.”