Doctors in the United Kingdom removed a pen from an unidentified woman's stomach that had been there for more than 25 years. And yet, when we're looking for one, they're nowhere to be found.

The 76-year-old woman went to an emergency room for diarrhea and unexplained weight loss and a CT-scan found the strange cause, according to the British Medical Journal.

How did this woman swallow a pen? Apparently, she had used a pen to check a spot on her tonsils when the wily writing instrument slipped out of her hands and down her throat. She went to a doctor, but the X-ray didn't locate the foreign object or believe her story. So it stayed there for more than two decades without causing any symptoms until now.

A recent X-ray of the woman's stomach confirmed her original story.

The most amazing part is despite the fact that it was churning around in a gut full of hydrochloric acid for 25 years, the pen still writes. Good luck trying to find someone who is willing to pick it up and test it out though.

[via The Check-Up]