You think you might have seen all there is to see of 'Frozen,' but you haven't seen anything until you've seen it recut as a horror movie.

The trailer above features footage from Disney's 'Frozen' recut into a decidedly more horrifying movie. The sinister background music as well as the darker images make for a chilling experience. Certain lines of dialogue, like the infamous "Do you wanna build a snowman?" line, sound a lot more terrifying when set against the creepy background music.

Add to the fact that the trailer makes Princess Elsa seem like she's some kind of 'Carrie'-esque cryomancer who can't help but terrorize her subjects and it gets even creepier. Of course, the addition of Marshmallow the giant snowman and his already-scary look don't make anything better. Watch the trailer above and appreciate the fact that Disney didn't go in this direction.

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