In the days of yore -- as in, before "Kardashian" became a household name -- Paris Hilton was the celebutante of note. But lately, it seems her brassy star has been further tarnished. Even her most recent reality show tanked (and was subsequently canceled).

So what's an heiress to do? Recruit a few top DJs and producers and assault the eardrums of the public that shunned you, that's what.

Hilton's last foray into singing was the 2006 album 'Paris,' which spawned the worldwide hit, 'Stars Are Blind.' Now she's back, collaborating with Afrojack, a Dutch artist who's known for creating top-notch house music.

Afrojack debuted an unfinished demo of their resulting track, 'Good Time,' during his set at the Sun City Music Festival in El Paso, Texas last week. And while it makes copious use of autotune and other studio tricks, the beats are pretty awesome.

The song, which plays for the first minute or so, can be clearly heard during this video shot by a festival attendee:

[via PopCrush]

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