The truth will set you free. Maybe.

Telling children that Santa Claus is a dicey part of parenthood. The jolly myth of an overweight man tooling around in a magical sled commandeered by a pack of reindeer flying around in the sky giving presents to deserving kids is one that youngsters all over the world embrace, but one that only goes so far before we learn Saint Nick is as phony as a three-dollar bill. While we can debate the right age to tell kids that Santa isn't real, the truth is that there comes a point when we discover that Kris Kringle is nothing more than a fat dude with a hefty white beard.

And while announcing for all to hear that Santa isn't real may not be the smartest strategy, there is something to be said for the proper way to break the news to your little ones. In the above video, parents let the cameras roll as they shatter the most delightful Christmas illusion.

The kids in this clip have some fantastic reactions, so it's worth checking it out and being reminded that denial is a powerful thing.

Maybe you can pick up some pointers. Maybe you'll wince. Maybe you'll remember this when it comes time to break your kid's heart again when you tell him that the Easter Bunny is also a fraud.

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