This guy has an impressive skill set when it comes to a talent that you'll never need, but be in awe that you don't have.

This man, with a rather stone-faced expression, has a knack for throwing things perfectly over his shoulder. Yup, toothbrush in the toothbrush holder, carton in the fridge, toast in the toaster. You name it, he can probably get it where it needs to go by tossing it over his shoulder.

See, it's not a talent anyone needs, but it's pretty cool to have.

Of course, this is 33 seconds of eye-popping over-the-shoulder goodness, but we have a strong hunch that he could've made about an hour-long video of all the shots he missed. But that's just not nearly as captivating to watch, right?

Perhaps he ought to get together with this fella so they can see who's a better over-the-shoulder thrower. The world needs to know.