It’s not enough to just have a pumpkin for Halloween anymore.

No, we live in a time where pineapple jack-o’-lanterns, election-ready Trumpkins, wild pumpkin regattas and seriously obese pumpkins and are hogging the attention, so you’ve got to go next level if you want to stand out.

Consider this standing out. Actually, consider this spitting out. Or spitting up. Whichever strikes your fancy.

It’s an oozing pumpkin and when you see it you’ll realize you need it the way a kid needs to see a dentist on November 1.

Unlike that pesky homemade costume your daughter is begging you to make, the oozing pumpkin is not tough to make, so take a watch, take notes and good luck in your quest to gross out all those kids who come to your door looking for candy.

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