While the good ol' US of A came out on top in medal count for this year's Olympic Games, it's team Great Britain who's making headlines with their new video in which they lip-sync 'Don't Stop Me Now,' a song made famous by England's own rock band Queen.

It seems that Team GB wants to show off the pride of their great country, proving that even though they didn't lead the games the country certainly has much to be proud of. And in truth, the country is the home of great music, great writers, great actors, great artists... and, of course, The Beatles.

That alone is a one-up on all of us that probably will never go away.

From crooning while running with the UK flag draped as a superhero cape to shouting from high atop the roofs, the members of the Great Britain Olympic team prove the love for their country quite clearly.

And in having over 78k views in just two days we think the rest of the world agrees that England is pretty cool.