Proving love is not the sole domain of young people, octogenarians and longtime couple Paul Walker and Ann Thayer swapped vows on Tuesday afternoon in Lewiston, Maine.

The two had been dating for 17 years, all along enduring the gentle ribbing from people who asked why they didn't just go ahead and make it official.

Walker, 88, is currently staying at a nursing care center while he rehabilitates from an unknown injury, and his 87-year-old bride explained,

"All those nurses said, 'You've been together how long? Why didn't you ever get married?' Paul looked at me, 'You want to do it?' I said, 'OK, well, when?' 'Right now.'"

So Marshwood Center administrator Sheri Nadell organized a ceremony in the facility's newly-renovated lobby, using white tulle and rose petals as decorations. The nuptials were quick and simple, with the couple sitting in chairs facing each other as dozens of onlookers wished them well.

Afterwards, Nadell said, "I don't think I've seen a bride and groom kiss three times."

"I think it's sweet," said Yvonne Wilkinson, Walker's daughter-in-law. "I just don't know why they waited so long."

The couple hopes to honeymoon in Bermuda once Walker is feeling better. Congrats!

[via Sun Journal]