While the all-out worship of bacon went out of style around 2010, the cured meat still remains an internet favorite.

In fact, in the latest viral video from Rhett and Link, who brought the world Chuck Testa, the "Commercial Kings" sing about all the virtues of bacon. And we mean all the virtues.

Make sure you check out the hidden annotations in the video, as there are many an Easter egg lurking in this catchy tune.

So it turns out you can fix everything from an injured hand to an insensitive remark to an iPhone in the toilet with a simple bacon rub. That and it goes great with toast and eggs.

These alternative uses for bacon are good to know, especially since we're still following Chris Rock's advice and using a Robitussin rub as our cure-all. The problem with this strategy has been that when friends see we have a closet full of 'tussin, they think we're at best suffering from one hell of contiguous cough or at worst illegally producing "purple drank."

Now when they see our fridge full of bacon they'll just think we're getting ready to fatten up for hibernation.

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