What were you doing when you were 4? If you were anything like us, you spent your days trying to keep up with the complex plots of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.'

Four-year-old Heidi Hankins from Winchester, England, however, taught herself how to read at a rapid pace, complete basic arithmetic and even draw accurate pictures of people. Her latest IQ test gave her a score of 159.

She's so intelligent, not just for her age but for anyone with a working brain, that she's been admitted to Mensa, the international high IQ organization.

Her parents, one of whom is a public health lecturer from the University of Southampton, said they always suspected their daughter had an extremely high intelligence. At age 2, her father Matthew Hankins said he gave her an entire set of Oxford Reading Tree books, which she finished in an hour.

Just to put her IQ in some perspective, here's how she stacks up against some of history's smartest people:
• Writer Ralph Waldo Emerson (155)
• Artist Rembrandt van Rijn (155)
• Writer Jonathan Swift (155)
• President John Adams (153)
• Singer Shakira (140)

And despite her extreme level of deep intelligence, she's just a regular little girl. She plays with Barbies and Legos just like any other kid, except she could probably help her older siblings with their algebra homework.

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