After a hard day's work, why not come home and relax by watching one of the best new movies Netflix Instant has to offer for the month of February 2012? We've already done all the leg work for you and have picked the best new Netflix movies available on Instant. You're welcome.

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New on Netflix Instant for February 28th - March 4th

The documentary 'Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey' introduces you to Kevin Clash, the man behind the furry red monster who's charmed millions of children.

In '2012: Zombie Apocalypse' the humans that remain try to flee to an island off the coast of California with the brain eaters hot on their trail.

In 'Stay Cool,' a writer returns to his high school 20 years later to deliver the commencement address and try to romance his unrequited childhood crush. Chevy Chase, Winona Ryder, Hilary Duff, Mark Polish and Sean Astin are part of an ensemble cast.

If you liked 'The Grey,' check out 'Wolf Town,' in which a pack of surly beasts trap a group of college students in an old ghost town.

Surviving members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic reflect on the meteoric rise of the band Nirvana in the documentary 'Nirvana: Nevermind.'

Bill Maher pushes buttons and skewers organized religion in the documentary 'Religulous.'

'Grizzly Man' tells the tragic tale of Timothy Treadwell, who spent his life studying grizzly bears only to have one maul him in the end.

New on Netflix Instant for February 21st - 27th

Family Guy' season eight has all the dysfunction and goofy hi-jinks we’ve come to expect from the Griffins and their Quahog neighbors. Watch this in addition to the past seasons for free on Netflix Instant.

The Bang Bang Club' follows the violent and tragic lives of four combat photojournalists who document the end of apartheid in South Africa. Ryan Phillipe and Taylor Kitsch star in this true-to-life drama.

Spike Lee’s first feature film, 1986′s ‘She’s Got To Have It,’ is about a young woman choosing between three suitors. It also introduced Lee’s famous Mars Blackmon character to movie audiences.

The campy Roger Corman cult comedy classic ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll High School' is one of the new Netflix Instant movies for February. The film features the Ramones, who become honorary students at Vince Lombardi High School after its rock-loving teens overthrow the school's administration.

The documentary ‘Limelight’ explores the rise and fall of New York City nightclub impresario Peter Gatien.

Season one of the FX comedy ‘Archer is available for free on Netflix Instant. The animated series chronicles pop culture’s suavest spy since a certain 007 hit the scene.

New on Netflix Instant for February 14th - 20th

Al Pacino is everyone's favorite crazed gangster in 'Scarface.'

2011's 'The Amityville Haunting' is the tenth film to be based on the real-life paranormal experiences of the Lutz family in 1975 Amityville, Long Island. Watch it for free on Netflix Instant.

In 'Beautiful Boy,' a couple struggles with their grief after their 18-year-old son goes on a shooting spree.

Michael J. Fox plays a werewolf with a talent for basketball in 'Teen Wolf.' Be sure to watch this free Netflix Instant movie title before you get into the MTV television remake.

'Truth or Dare' is a controversial look behind Madonna's 1990 Blonde Ambition tour.

Bear Grylls defies death from the Canadian Rockies to the shark-infested South Pacific in 'Man vs. Wild: Collection 5.'

Matthew Perry and the late Chris Farley race Lewis & Clark to the Pacific in the historical fictional comedy 'Almost Heroes.'

New on Netflix Instant February 7th - 13th

Watch John Cusack and D.B. Sweeney star in 'Eight Men Out' for free on Netflix Instant. The movie tells the story of baseball's notorious 1919 'Black Sox's' scandal.

In the Norwegian TV series 'Lilyhammer,' Steven Van Zandt, of E-Street Band and 'Sopranos' fame, plays an ex-gangster who is sent to Norway after entering the federal witness protection program.

Philippe Petit amazed the world when he walked across a tight rope between the World Trade Center towers in 1974. You can watch the amazing stunt -- and its aftermath -- in the documentary 'Man on Wire' for free on Netflix Instant.

The Jack Nicholson/Roman Polanski masterpiece 'Chinatown' takes a noir-ish trip through 1930s Los Angeles.

Beetlejuice. Beeltejuice. Bettlejuice! Check out the classic comedy-horror for free on Netflix Instant, which stars Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis and Michael Keaton.

The thriller 'Waking Madison' stars Sarah Roemer as a phone-sex operator suffering from multiple personalities.

New on Netflix Instant February 1st - 7th

The first three seasons of the 21st century, not-so-sideburny version of '90210' finally hit Netflix Instant.

Get ready for next summer's Rock-centric sequel with 2009's blockbuster 'GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.'

Before it was a hit TV show, 'Parenthood' was a hilarious comedy starring Steve Martin. Watch it now on Netflix Instant.

Richard Gere and Topher Grace star in the post-Cold War spy thriller 'The Double.'

Remember the days when Mel Gibson was only crazy on the big screen with 'Lethal Weapon 2.'

'License to Drive' had the Coreys (Haim and Feldman) at the peak of the powers, and also featured a young Heather Graham. Watch it now on Netflix Instant.

'Psycho,' starring Anne Heche and Vince Vaughn, is an almost shot-for-shot remake of the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock classic.

The first six seasons of the critically acclaimed CW drama 'Supernatural'

Richard Gere heads an ensemble cast in Robert Altman's 'Dr. T and The Woman.'

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