After a hard day's work, why not come home and relax by watching one of the best new movies Netflix Instant has to offer for the month of January 2012? We've already done all the leg work for you and have picked the best new Netflix movies available on Instant. You're welcome.

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New on Netflix Instant January 22nd - 31st

'Benny & Joon,' debuting for the first time on Netflix Instant, was an early showcase for Johnny Deep's quirky side.

Malcolm Mcdowell and Stanley Kubrick bring Anthony Burgess' dystopian nightmare alive in 'A Clockwork Orange,' one of the many classic films you'll find on Netflix Instant in January.

Yup, 'Congo', got some pretty awful reviews when it came out in 1995. But if you take it for the camp-fest (we think) it was intended to be, it makes for a fun night in with Netflix Instant.

'Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow' boasts a strong cast, led by Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Angelina Jolie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, back when he used to play bad guys on the big screen, stars in 'The Terminator.'

FX's slacker sitcom 'Workaholics' was one of the funnier new shows of 2011. Watch it now on Netflix Instant.

January 15th-21st

New on Netflix Instant is 'No Strings Attached,' the friends-with-benefits romantic comedy starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. Although their characters start off with a strictly physical relationship, both eventually end up wanting more.

Vin Diesel stars in 'A Man Apart' as a DEA agent seeking revenge for the death of his wife.

Everyone with "Bieber fever" will get a kick out of watching 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' on Netflix Instant. Part 3D concert film and part documentary, the film tracks the life of the Biebs from street performer to the top of the charts.

'Mars Needs Moms' may not have been a critics' fave, but you and the kids will enjoy hearing the voices of Seth Green and Dan Fogler in this new Netflix Instant movie for January 2012. Watch as one little boy attempts to rescue his mom when she gets abducted by aliens.

Gwyneth Paltrow plays a London woman who's trying to catch a train in 'Sliding Doors.' What she doesn't realize is that her future will drastically change depending on whether she boards or misses it. You'll be able to see both scenarios thanks to Netflix Instant.

New on Netflix Instant January 8th-14th

'Babel' stars Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett in a critically acclaimed drama (premiering for the first time on Netflix Instant) that follows multiple stories taking place all around the world.

Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman star as a married couple held hostage by extortionists in the psychological thriller 'Trespass.' Missed it in the theater? Check it out on Netflix Instant.

Get spooked with the 2000 Kim Basinger horror flick 'Bless the Child,' a new addition to the Netflix Instant collection.

Relive the days when Ryan Phillippe was the flavor of the month with the cyber thriller 'Anti Trust.'

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