New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Corey Booker are legends in their own right. However, when the two get together, their natural competitive instincts kick in and they become bitter rivals that can make Seinfeld and Newman look like the Olsen Twins.

The two got together to make a video for the annual New Jersey Press Association's Legislative Correspondents Club show. They shot a typical day of the two trying to out-do each other by doing good in their various communities.

It starts with Christie's staff trying to find ways that their candidate can revive national interest in the Garden State with viral videos and more town halls when Christie decides to take matters into his own hands. That's when "Super Mayor" swoops in to save the day and swing the rather large spotlight off of New Jersey's governor.

The video might be a funny way to play up their friendly rivalry, but it's not done without a dash of truth. Booker, of course, has the advantage in this situation over the governor since he actually saved a woman by running into a burning neighbor's house. We're surprised he doesn't run around town in a cape and form-fitting tights after that.

Romney's people have also been dogging (no pun intended) Christie to join their campaign as his running mate after his boisterous stances and no-nonsense speeches have made him a media darling. The constant speculation of Christie's actual interest in being Romney's VP candidate gets a heavy amount of play here as well. It's actually one of Christie's most (intentionally) hilarious videos in recent months.

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