The first trailer for 'The Dictator' featured a bunch of set pieces of Sacha Baron Cohen hamming it up as the evil despot General Aladeen. While it was pretty darn funny, it didn't reveal much as to what the movie was about.

After repeating some of those hilarious scenes, the second trailer has answered those plot questions. Check it out.

After being beaten and de-bearded by an agent played by John C. Reilly, Aladeen is cast into the streets of New York City. Nobody believes he is the ruler of Wadiya, without his signature facial hair and military uniform. So he is forced to wander around aimless as an Arabic version of REM's 'Everybody Hurts' plays.

Anna Faris, sporting a short hair cut, takes pity on him and gives him a job in her eco-friendly supermarket. This plot certainly has shades of 'Coming To America,' but Eddie Murphy's Prince Akeen character never slapped a customer in the face as the surly Aladeen does.

Now that you know what it is about, does 'The Dictator' look like a winner?