As any couch potato will tell you, watching TV for hours upon hours is its own reward. But thanks to a new app that can be downloaded on the iPhone and iPad, endlessly staring at the boob tube can also earn you prizes.

The Viggle app senses when your TV is on, and gives you a credit for every two minutes you watch. Once you've accumulated 7,5oo credits you get a $5 gift certificate, which is redeemable at retailers such as Best Buy, Starbucks and Burger King. Riiiiight. Cause Whoppers are exactly what couch potatoes need.

The idea behind the app -- which also awards bonus credits for watching specific shows -- is that it gives people an additional reason to watch TV, and will thus increase TV audiences and advertiser reach.

Granted it would take about three hours of nightly TV watching for three weeks to get to 7,500, but any real couch potato can do that, well, sitting down.

[via Yahoo!]