In case you were wondering, yes, Nelly Furtado accounts for at least one of the 43 million views 'Gangnam Style' has gotten on YouTube. Although, judging from her moves, it seems like she probably accounts for more than one view. The singer performed 'Gangnam Style' live in concert in Manila.

'Gangnam Style' is a Korean pop song that has risen to the top of the YouTube and Billboard Korean Top 100 charts. 'Gangnam Style' is basically Korea's answer to "YOLO," and inexplicably features the singer, PSY, shuffle-dancing in a stable as though he's riding horseback, thusly:

Clearly, you can see why somebody might be tempted to do this in front of a captive audience. We appreciate the thought and effort that went into Furtado's performance. But mostly we appreciate the very serious composure she maintains while dancing like she's riding horseback and waving a lasso around. The mark of a true professional.