No, that headline and photo aren't an error. It was, however, when they appeared on the NBC News website.

The Wrap reported that shortly after NASA Astronaut Neil Armstrong's passing, NBC accidentally reported the death of Neil Young. The headline that ran on the news outlet's website read, "Astronaut Neil Young, first man to walk on moon, dies at age 82."

NBC caught the mistake and changed the name to Neil Armstrong. They also apologized for the error. To make matters worse, the headline made it onto the news organization's Twitter feed. So even though they were able to fix the headline, thousands of Twitter followers were able to "retweet" it.

Obviously there is quite a difference between the two men. Neil Armstrong is a NASA astronaut who in 1969 became an American hero as the first human being to set foot on the moon. Neil Young is a renowned rock and folk musician who became one of America's most celebrated songwriters. So let's review: Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Neil Young sang "Harvest Moon." Got it?

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