The unofficial fruit of summer has own its own (un)official day.

August 3 is National Watermelon Day, a day when we sit back and honor a food as synonymous with summer as road trips where your dad threatens to turn the car around.

Whether it's served with on the rind, cut into chunks or devoured as a Jolly Rancer flavor, watermelon is a delicious fruit, no matter how you slice it. It even makes a heck of a fashion statement.

And on this day when we pause to honor the yummy treat, let us also take a moment to say thank you to the brave men and women who fought to make sure the seedless watermelon would one day be a reality. Your tireless efforts, intense forethought and dogged determination ensured future generations would be spared the harrowing indignation and frustration of interrupting mid-chew to spit out those tiny black seeds and make us lose focus on the joyous task at hand: savoring the sweet taste of watermelon.

Now, if someone could eliminate the pit from a cherry, we'd really be moving in the right direction.

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